About Us


Clear Knight Publishing was established to promote diversity through education and encourage acceptance to support the well-being of children around the world.

I am driven by the desire to ensure the well-being of my own two young sons, and I wanted to create tools for parents and carers to assist with having important conversations that help children understand how diverse the world is and what a wonderful impact diversity and acceptance can have on their lives. 

Our first book is available now! Baking a Baby is an engaging tool to assist parents who want to introduce concepts such as assisted reproduction, donors, surrogates and adoption to their children through simple and immersive illustrations.

It is the perfect introduction to the ingredients needed for making a baby! Eggs, sperm and a tummy for the baby to grow. Baking a Baby normalises diversity, with characters of different sexuality, race and appearance.

It reinforces the message that it doesn't matter who the ingredients came from or where the baby was baked; it's those who love and care for you that count.

I have also created a collection of Reading Certificates to help encourage and reward children for their positive attitude toward reading.